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Livetecs Software Products

Livetecs Software Products

TimeLive web based timekeeping software helps you in tracking the performance of your staff.You can also track the expenses of your tasks. TimeLive web based timekeeping software is the best solution to manage all your business projects smartly.It allows you to track working hours,productivity and expenses of your staff.It generates a complete report very quickly.It is a very powerful software that lets you track the time and expenses from anywhere you want.


    • TimeLive provides 100% customization. You can just call them and let them know about the feature you want and they will do it.
    • This software will not leave you language dependency as it comes with multiple languages.
    • TimeLive team will help you to migrate your data from your old tracking system to TimeLive system free of cost.
    • For clearing any doubts about its features, you can go for a 30 day trial with all its features and options available in trial.
    • You will not even need a laptop or desktop system to monitor your business, with its mobile application and interface you can have it all in your pocket.
Get Microsoft Office 365 from Microsoft Store

Get Microsoft Office 365 from Microsoft Store

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