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Bid farewell to password diaries and say hello to password management software – Making password storage easy

Do you have a little diary where you have written all of your passwords?

Or, do you have a snippet in the “Notes” in your smartphone where you keep all your email and application passwords written conveniently to use when needed?

What happens if you lose or forget your diary, or worse, have it stolen?

Password loss can lead to data breaches and massive losses. 

A way to stop this in its tracks is using a Password Management Software to keep your passwords safely with you. 

Your Own Digital Vault 

Just as you store your money and valuables in a safe, the password management software is a vault for your abundant passwords.

Encrypted, and usually unlocked with a master password upfront, the software is able to hold a large number of passwords and keep it safe. 

Easy Access When Required 

A diary may not be with you 24/7 or when you need to retrieve your password, but password management software is inculcated in your tech – and thus easy to access, convenient to use, and quick to retrieve.

Create Unique Passwords

Going above and beyond the storing, password management software also analyzes current passwords and is able to generate new, difficult ones for you to keep. 

Your data’s safety is our #1 priority.

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